Vers. 15 - 68
Deuteronomy 28
Proves African Americans (Negroes)
are the true children of Israel
The Shocking Truth About African Americans
Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:
Spreading the Word
Israel is a Black Nation
Our Challenge: We will publicly debate any "Bible Theologian" on the curses
Deuteronomy 28 to determine which group of people fit these curses!
The True Name Of God (YAH)
Isaiah 41:8-9, But thou, Israel, art my servant, Jacob whom I have chosen, the
seed of Abraham my friend. Thou whom I have taken from the ends of the earth, and
called thee from the chief men thereof, and said unto thee,
Thou art my servant; I
have chosen thee, and not cast thee away.

Isaiah 49:3, And said unto me, Thou art my servant, O Israel, in whom I will be
Israel is a Black Nation P 1
Mowreh Elesha Yisrael

Mowreh = Teacher
Israel is a Black Nation P 4
Israel is a Black Nation P 3
Israel is a Black Nation P 2
Ethiopian Jew (Israelite)
The Egyptians, Ethiopians and
Israelites are all Black people!