Vers. 15 - 68
Proves African Americans (Negroes)
are the true children of Israel
Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:
Our Challenge: We will publicly debate any "Bible Theologian" on the curses
Deuteronomy 28 to determine which group of people fit these curses!
The Shocking Truth About African Americans
Restoring Black Identity
The True Name Of God (YAH)
Rediscover The Old Testament!
Spreading the Truth
Important Message From YAH (God) - For All Israel
Now you have a decision to make! You can say to yourself that
YAH is wrong and you and your preacher are right or you can
humble yourself and say I am wrong, my preacher is wrong and I
am ready to learn the truth about the true and living God - YAH.
Therefore KEEP THE
The Creator said the
things that are
happening to you
and I are not a result
of us not reading and
following the new
There is nothing in
the new testament
that says these
things are going to
happen to us. Our
Creator told our
people if we
rejected Him, He
would curse us!
How Important Are The Commandments?
What Should Israel Be Doing Now?
How Much Does YAH Love Us - Pt. 1
Let's Listen To A Few Verses And Find Out
Notice He said seek His face and He will forgive you! There is no mention of christ.
And the Father said He change not - so don't try that different dispensation lie!
How Much Does YAH Love Us - Pt. 2
YAH's Peculiar People
5 Now therefore, if
ye will obey my voice
indeed, and keep my
covenant, then ye
shall be a peculiar
treasure unto me
above all people: for
all the earth is mine:
6 And ye shall be
unto me a kingdom
of priests, and an
holy nation. These
are the words which
thou shalt speak
unto the children of
Exodus 19:5- 6
Now You Know Why You Are So Hated!
YAH said that Israel (the children of Israel) is His son, the apple of
His eye, His elect, His chosen special people and His world without
end! He also says that we are above all the other nations!
However, because our ancestors refused to keep His
commandments and worshipped other gods, He cursed us, this is
how we went from the top to the bottom. But we will be redeemed!
Israel's Redemption
YAH said in the last
days Israel would wake
up and return to Him
and would fear Him and
His goodness in the
latter days! See
YAH said that Israel
would be a light to the
gentiles! Well, just
who are the gentiles?
Find out
Humble yourself,
seek His Face and
Wake Up And...
Keep The
Proverbs 7:2
We are the apple of the
father's eye when we
keep the commandments
as the apple of our eye!
And death if you reject
my commandments!
Blessings if you obey me
and curses if you do not.
Therefore the Creator
says choose life that you
and your seed (children)
may live.
The Creator said He
call heaven and earth
to record this day
against you, That I
have set before you
life and that I told you
to keep my
2 Keep my
commandments, and
live; and my law as
the apple of thine
If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my
face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin,
and will heal their land.
2 Chronicles 7:14
Rediscover The Old